SP Industrieprodukte GmbH

Our production plant is located in the industrial area in Heiligenfeld in Horb on the Neckar River. We manufacture the transmissions and casings for our pumps. The complete modules are assembled in-house after the production. On the assembly and test benches, tightness, output and torque as well as pressure and negative pressure are tested under various rotation speeds and pressures.

Short routes and flexible maintenance guarantee speedy response time to customers’ requests and good service.


1950 - The Micormatic company which has its headquarters in Stockholm developed and patented an oil burner pump which regulated the pressure through a membrane.

1967 - SP began to distribute this pump by way of a representative due to its great number of German customers. Compared to competitors, this pump had a separate maintenance-friendly filter with a larger filter surface and controlled the pressure with a membrane insensitive to dirt.

1974 - SP built a factory building of ca. 1000 m² in Horb by the Neckar River and relocated the production from Sweden for the future. Well-known clients from the household burners industry are among our clientele.

As of 1985 - Due to the pump construction, development concentrated on the heated high-pressure cleaners.

As of 2000 - We successfully enhanced the development and marketing of the high-quality internal gear transmission in the form of feed pumps and pressure pumps.

Since 2013 - We have been working closely with Scherzinger Pumps in Furtwangen. The synergy effect of both companies is intensively being used to the best advantages of the customers.


Since 2014 - The SP company was certified according to DIN ISO 9001.