SP Baugruppen

System solutions that are individually custom-made for clients' requirements can be assembled with the SP modular system. This way, transmissions, for example, can be customized precisely to the desired consumption in order to save energy.

We are in the position, by means of the SP modular principle, to quickly manufacture a sample model. We also manufacture prototypes in diverse performance variants.

All components of a module are also available individually.

Module 1


7 Types of Transmissions: client-specific customization for the purpose of engine performance, secure capacity.

Module 2

Pressure Limiters

In addition to the standard model of a viton membrane, pressure limits are also offered by means of pistons, balls and small membranes.

Module 3

Solenoid Valves

There are solenoid valves with a nominal diameter (DN) of 1, 1.2 and 1.6. These can have connector blocks or can be a built-in valve. The valves are also available with various sealing materials such as PUR, FKM or flourosilicone.

Module 4


100 cm² filter surface area made of high-grade steel and a standard fineness of 120 mesh - this is provision against disturbances and overwork. The filter cartridge can be cleaned without opening the pump, making it easier for you and rendering disposal unnecessary.

We manufacture 2 types of filters.

Module 5

Solenoid Coils

The coils are available in various voltages (12, 24, 100, 110, 230 and 380V), with different connectors (AMP, Stocko, ...) and in various lengths of cable customized for our customers.

Module 6

Drive Aggregates

Motor designs and mountings customized for our customers.